• DocMgr An MS-Access97/2K Document Management Database  -  DocMgr_2K
  • PictureMgr  -   MS-Access 97/2K Image Management Databases   -   PictureMgr2K
  • Custom MsgBox Creator A developer's tool for creating custom Message Boxes in MS-Access97 - MsgBox2K
  • CodeWriter2 Written inVB5, a developer's tool for building code blocks and message boxes
  • FixNames An Access 97/2K utility for renaming a form's controls to standard naming convention rules. FixNames2K
  • PopCalc A simple VB4 calculator utility. You will need the runtime dll (VB40032.dll) from Microsoft
  • StartOutlookForms An Access 97 form that you can import into your database to start new Outlook 98 forms. OutlookForms2K
  • KB An Access 97 database that makes it easy to find Knowledge Base articles and downloadable files. (277k zipped)
  • EmailSenate and EmailSenate2K Access databases that demonstrate sending multiple reports to multiple recipients
  • StopWatch97 and StopWatch2000 - Access databases that demonstrate timers
  • Search97 and Search2000 demonstrate Ultra-Fast searching in Access (zipped 175K)

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