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  • Check97 and Check2K show how to simulate Control Arrays
  • Calculator2K a simple calculator which uses the Eval function to calculate a string and return it to the calling textbox.
  • XCalendar97 and XCalendar2K - Drop Down Calendar forms using ActiveX calendars
  • SubformDemo2K - Demo of subforms with continuous formating
  • KickEmOff2K - Demo of Kick Em Off Code
  • Birthday2K - Demo of tickler code
  • OutlookAppointment demonstrates creating an Outlook appointment directly from Access 2002 (backward compatible)
  • Scroll - Access 2K Demo of a marquee label
  • The WedOne - Demo using an unbound OLE control. Access 2000 format.
  • DateCounter - Counts number of each day between any 2 dates
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